My wife’s BMW X5 recently developed a problem with its suspension. Having recently moved to Ashburn from Hamilton, where Progressive had taken care of our autos, we took the car to a local reputable repair facility. After repairing the suspension, the facility noted that the car had the wrong sized tires on the rear of the car which prevented the new suspension from setting properly. The tires had been put on by Progressive last November. I spoke with Jeff and without issue, after researching the records and the requirements, he acknowledged the mistake and not only paid for new tires, had them delivered to Ashburn repair facility so we wouldn’t have to deal with transporting the car to Hamilton. He said, like everyone, we sometimes make a mistake. He worked with the Ashburn repair shop to ensure timely delivery of the tires and covered all expense associate with the matter.

This is outstanding customer support –even thought I am technically a “former” customer. I wish every business had the ethics and quality of customer relationship that Jeff and his team exhibited. Kudos to you!! Well done!