BG Protection Plan

The Lifetime BG Protection Plan is not limited by how many miles your car may have or how old it is, making it far superior than most car warranties around. The Lifetime BG Protection Plan supports the seven major vehicle systems included in BG’s automotive maintenance services: fuel, engine, transmission, drive line, coolant, power steering and brakes. The BG Protection Plan includes the following protection:

BG Protection Plan

  • Drive Line (Up to $4,000 per component / per service interval)

  • Brake System (Up to $4,000 per service interval)

  • Power Steering (Up to $4,000 per service interval)

  • Cooling System (Up to $4,000 per service interval)

  • Transmission (Up to $4,000 per service interval)

  • Engine & Fuel (Up to $4,000 per service interval – Must be done at oil change intervals with a max of 5,000 miles)

If you follow the shop-recommended service intervals, you will protect your vehicle for its lifetime. Contact us or call 540-338-1857 for details about the warranty/protection plan and to find out what is covered.

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